Accurex’s Smart Lighting Solution is designed to create an overarching digital control system that is based on the concept of IoT, and cloud computing to deliver efficiency to existing lighting. A Smart Lighting System comprises a network of key infrastructure elements with a combination of sensors and peripheral devices that can be managed through the internet to monitor and control the entire Lighting network remotely.


Today, interior designers and architects increasingly focus on employee productivity and well-being, in addition to energy optimization and operational efficiency. We aim to provide lighting solutions that are not only soothing and inviting, but are also productive and energy-efficient to provide customer delight in all sense. We provide a range of LED Chip, LED Drivers, SPDs which are required for optimal lighting applications.

social distancing products

The Coronovirus (Covid-19) global pandemic has presented challenges in resuming normal experiences at offices, commercial buildings, retail outlets, etc. We are offering products such as-  contactless thermometers, contactless temperature sensors, pressure sensors for ventilators and a social distancing solution based on Smart Camera and Smart Lighting to monitor, control and passive alters for social distancing norms violations.


Surge & Lightning Protection

Contactless Temperature Sensing

Smart Street Lighting 

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