About Bridgelux

Builds light that transforms.

At Bridgelux, they help companies, industries, and people experience the power and possibility of light. Since 2002, Bridgelux has designed solid-state lighting solutions that are high performance, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to integrate.

Patented light source technology produces clean, white LEDs used as the core of commercial and industrial lighting. With large semiconductor R&D setup to important collaborations on extending LED technology, Bridgelux is a member of global industry groups like LIRC, ASSIST, CSA, and ASSIL, as participate in new solutions to current problems, and a better future for solid-state lighting.

V series

V Series

Vero Series

Vero Series

BXRA Seies

BXRA Series

Bridgelux SMD LED products offer exceptional performance and color quality all in a highly reliable, cost-effective, compact package.  These LEDs offer high-quality light in a wide range of CCT and CRI options and are well suited for both commercial and residential lighting applications.  All of our SMD products come in industry-standard package sizes and follow ANSI binning standards allowing for seamless design in, decreasing time to market.

SMD Products

SMD Products

EB Series

EB series

EB Series linear and square modules are designed for troffers, pendants, and other luminaries in commercial and residential applications.  Available in multiple sizes, the modules can be connected in series or parallel, providing flexibility in designing luminaires.  Each module comes equipped with poke-in connectors for easy wiring and standard mounting hole patterns for compatibility with existing luminaires.  The modules have long lifetimes of greater than 50,000 hours and are backed by a Bridgelux 5-year warranty.  

Strategic Partners


Kaistar is the largest shareholder of Bridgelux, and a partner for the development and manufacturing of LED packages.  Kaistar has manufacturing expertise from epi to module, and is the preferred manufacturing partner of Bridgelux. 

The companies also collaborate on joint R&D and product development for new package and module products across chip-on-board (COB), surface mount (SMD), and module technologies. 


China Electronics Corporation (CEC) was established in 1989 and is the largest state-owned IT company in China.  CEC is a multi-billion dollar manufacturer of electronics products, with operations spanning IT, consumer electronics, lighting and other categories.  CEC has multiple investments in the lighting space, including Kaistar, and has facilities throughout China. 


Epistar is an investor in Kaistar, and is one of the largest LED chip manufacturers in the world, specializing in sapphire-based chip production.  Epistar takes chip designs and manufactures them on behalf of Bridgelux.  The strength of this ongoing partnership enables Bridgelux to quickly scale to customers’ chip demands.